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Welcome to the Nebraska Health Information Initiative

Here you’ll find information about who we are, the importance of a shared health information system, and most importantly, how this all benefits patients, clinicians and the health of Nebraska.

The Nebraska Health Information Initiative was founded in 2008 to support the secure transfer of information through the healthcare environment. Today, NEHII securely shares your health information amongst healthcare providers, pharmacists, emergency rooms, urgent cares, essentially wherever healthcare is delivered.

By sharing this information, your healthcare providers have access to lab comprehensive health history, medication dispensed by a pharmacy, laboratory tests, allergies, immunizations, transcribed reports and many other elements of health information.

The benefit of the health information exchange is that information is shared where care is delivered, when it is needed, and is easily accessible to providers through a web browser.

  • Privacy and Security of Health Information
  • The privacy and security of health information at NEHII is priority #1.

NEHII ensures all data is securely managed and accessed through a number of procedures and policies that are governed by HIPAA and oversaw by leading experts in health information privacy and security.

  • Data Governance in accordance with HIPAA
  • Encryption
  • Auditing and tracking of access

NEHII complies with HIPAA rules, as do NEHII participants. Protecting the privacy and security of health information is the highest priority to NEHII and its participants. Health information is kept secure using many technical safeguards and administrative policies and procedures.
Patient health information is only available to a treating provider that has been granted access to NEHII. Patient health information accessed on the system is monitored and audited to ensure privacy controls are maintained.
For more information you can read the Notice of Privacy Practices (available here).

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The PDMP is a great tool to use as a double check for patient safety. Great strides have been made in a short period of time to make it useful and more user friendly. I look forward to seeing it expand into complete fill history along with other monitoring features to serve Nebraska patients and healthcare providers.
Jeanie Shipman

Staff Pharmacist, OneWorld Community Health Center Pharmacy

A husband in a Nebraska rural community was concerned about what he felt was a problem with his wife refilling prescriptions too frequently.  He felt uncomfortable bringing this up with his spouse, so he spoke to the nurse of the wife’s physician if there was anything that could be done. The nurse notated on the patient’s chart for the physician to check the NeHII HIE and the PDMP on her next appointment. When the physician did so, she noticed some disturbing activity with regards to filling her controlled substance prescriptions. The physician discussed the situation with the patient voicing her concerns with the patient’s health and medication overuse.  The provider was able to get the wife treatment and counseling for substance abuse disorder. The woman’s husband reported back to the nurse and thanked her for helping get his wife the help she needed.

The provider will continue to monitor the patient medication usage with NeHII HIE and the PDMP as part of her treatment plan and routine visits in the future.

Kathy Hurst

Medical Clinic Director, Howard County Medical Center

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