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For Providers

How will NeHII benefit me?

NeHII proposes to offer savings for all participants of the consumer-provider relationship. 


  • Quicker access to lab and radiology results (clinical messaging)
  • Streamlined access to patient histories
  • Ability to access patient data outside the clinical setting
  • Improved physician referral processes
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs

Health Care Providers:

  • Improved efficiency of care
  • Reduced admission times
  • Improvements in health care delivery
  • Quicker access to test results
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs resulting from work flow efficiencies


  • Decreased absenteeism resulting from healthier, more engaged and informed employees
  • Reduced medical premium costs through increased preventive care and fewer hospital admissions
  • Aggregated health information to identify at-risk populations
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs


  • Improved process efficiency with the ability to send and receive electronic test results
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs


  • Reduced adverse drug events when med reconciliation and medication history can be reviewed
  • Responsive customer service with the ability to review online patient authorizations
  • Transparent transfer of prescriptions from one pharmacy to another
  • Reduced administrative costs from improvements in work flow due to electronic receipt of prescriptions, refills and renewals
  • Fraud reduction
  • Improved monitoring of controlled substances