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What is the Value of HIE to the State of Nebraska?


  • Deliver no cost prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) for the identification of drug seekers.  PDMP is a requirement of all states by President Obama.  HIE functionality will save Nebraska $1 million in setup fees and over $100K a year in maintenance charges for PDMP.
  • Provide an immunization gateway for bidirectional exchange of immunization data from state NESIIS application to providers across the state
  • Provide immediate and low cost public health reporting and disease surveillance to the state public health department
  • Improve efficiencies in the Medicaid program for clinical administration of chronic conditions and clinical quality analytics through disease registries
  • Identify fraudulent Medicaid claims with increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Avoid redundant state expenditures in building a secondary infrastructure to support Medicaid funtionalities
  • Support the State's healthcare providers in achieving Meaningful Use requirements and receiving CMS incentive payments for their efforts
  • Provide faster delivery of results from new born screening services to providers across the state - genetic testing and hearing
  • Support Emergency Medical Services (EMS) reporting and improve communications between EMS and Emergency Departments
  • Enhance the communication and support for the various state professional healthcare associations
  • Supply the State's electronic exchange of information with federal agencies such as DOD, VA, SSA, CMS, ONC, CDC, FDA, and IHS through the activities of the Nw-HIN
  • National recognition as a leader in Health Information Exchange