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What is the Value of HIE to Nursing Homes and Home Health Agencies?


  • Reduce response times to changes in resident's conditions; reduce duplicative diagnostic labs and X-rays; and reduce emergency room visits and hospital readmissions because physicians have more clinical information available from remote sites
  • Reduce time spent on the telephone gathering information necessary to make clinical care decisions
  • Improve quality and efficiency of transitions to and from the hospital due to standard order lists, discharge/transfer summaries, and other clinical data that is available in a HIE
  • Increase ability to initiate necessary services and treatments in a timely manner because of access to hospital data
  • Improve coordination of care and increase physician efficiency
  • Improve ability to accurately capture functional status from the look-back period with access to hospital clinical data, thus maximizing RUG data accuracy, which results in enhanced revenue capture
  • Quicker response times and efficiencies due to decreased transportation costs with radiology reports
  • Reduce transcription errors, reduce the need to ask patients multiple times for the same information, and compile complete documentation