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What is the Value of HIE to the Consumers?


  • Result in an improved and effective relationship between you and your healthcare providers by prompting dialogue about treatments you have received
  • Improve safety by helping to prevent drug interactions
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork to complete due to the increased availability of demographics and insurance information to your healthcare providers
  • Improve care coordination across your physicians, pharmacists, hospitals and other healthcare providers by facilitating the secure sharing of clinical information at the point of care
  • Save dollars and time by avoiding duplicate testing and avoice unnecessary healthcare procedures
  • Allow you to obtain your health history (including medications) over time and across providers
  • Provide a more complete health record that will lead to timely immunizations
  • Ensure that your healthcare providers are aware of your allergies
  • Allow you information to be provided to healthcare providers in the event of an emergency
  • Provide access to you medical information in the event of disease outbreaks, disasters or bioterrorist threats
  • Allow the streamlined transfer of lab and other test results between healthcare providers
  • Prevent loss of medical records
  • Store and manage health information for you or any loved ones in which you may be involved in their healthcare