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Administration & Office Manager Testimonials


“It's critical that our PACE (Program for All Inclusive Care of the Elderly) providers have prompt notifications of persons receiving healthcare interventions outside of our organization.  There are risks to the patient in lieu of consistency and continuity of care as well as financial risk to our organization.   We are already identifying the benefits of notifications of ER visits after only having the process turned "on" for less than a week.  Immanuel is eager for further automation of this process and looks forward to collaborating with NeHII in moving this initiative forward.”

Tamara Stepanek, BSN, RN, CPHIMS, Director of Informatics, Home Office, Immanuel Communities

“VNA has been utilizing NeHII for nearly four years. Our Intake department accesses NeHII during the referral process to obtain information that will improve the transition to home health or hospice care whether the patient is transitioning from acute care, post-acute facility or MD office.  NeHII allows us to obtain information such as H&Ps, discharge summaries, medications, surgical reports and test results that help the admitting clinician understand the patient’s condition more fully.  NeHII has been especially helpful for coders in our Utilization Management department to validate the use of ICD-9 codes to substantiate reimbursement.  We are currently working with NeHII on a notification process for our patients that are admitted to the ED in an effort to avoid re-hospitalizations when there is an alternate plan of care that can be safely provided in the home.”

Bridget Young, Chief Operating Officer, Visiting Nurse Association

“NeHII has become a valuable resource to our entire care team as we work to build a continuum that supports our patients throughout the community.  New models of care create accountability to our patients no matter where they seek services. NeHII is the tool that allows us to quickly access what was previously missing clinical data. The VHR and other tools such as the medication query bring needed information to the view of the Provider and care team at the point of care.    Having this information supports more fully informed decision making, reduces duplication, and allows us to be more efficient for our patients.  NeHII has also been willing to support new requests and has partnered to build a readmission report that allows a vision of where and why patients are readmitted within the community.  This gives us an opportunity to be informed about a patient who may need support during their transition to home that previously the team would have been unaware of until they presented for their follow up appointment.”

Melanie Surber MSN, RN, Director Managed Care , UniNet Healthcare Network

“NeHII’s Virtual Health Record (VHR) is utilized routinely in our emergency department.  Patients are not always the best historians and this is intensified during emergency or trauma situations.   It is critical for our physicians and PAs to have access to labs, radiology, medications, and reports from other NeHII participating hospitals, as well as our own.  Through NeHII’s VHR our providers can gain a more complete picture of what is going on with the patient, particularly if the patient has been receiving or seeking care at multiple facilities, and it’s simple to use.  As new providers and midlevels join our team, NeHII user access is promptly requested and VHR training is provided onsite.  We have found that having access to NeHII’s VHR is of great value.”

Pat Pogreba, Administrative Assistance, Omaha Emergency Physicians Group, Creighton University Medical Center

"I find NeHII a valuable tool when I need information about a possible admission from a hospital and I have very little information to determine if the patient is hospice appropriate.  I find the H&Ps most helpful, but the x-ray reports are also necessary if their hospice diagnosis relates to a cancer or if their hospice diagnosis is an organ failure and their labs prove that.  I use as many of the reports as I can to get a total picture of what this patient has gone through, so we can care for them as effectively as possible."

Cindy Gage, RN BSN, Alegent Hospice

"Just wanted to send a quick note to let you and the entire NeHII team know what a great experience we have had with the implementation of e-Prescribing and the Virtual Health Record.  All of our needs have been met on a timely basis.  You have done an excellent job training staff and are very quick to respond to any of our user's questions.  Connie has always been there to help us through the process.  I didn't think bringing up all six of our clinics would be that easy, but you and Connie made it happen.  Anytime someone forgets a password, I need to add a new user or someone has trouble logging in, your help desk is very timely in responding."

Kathy Ricceri, Director of Reimbursement - Nebraska Cancer Specialists

"You asked us to give you some reasons why we like the NeHII e-Prescribe program, so here you go:"

  • Mail in pharmacies like Medco, Care Marx, and Express Script are a lot faster than calling in the script
  • Documentation is complete for the chart file
  • If the medication is a renewal and not a new script the system is really quick

"Please feel free to use our clinic as a referral."

"Thanks for all your help."

John Reinsch, Practice Manager - Lincoln Nephrology & Hypertension PC

"I have found that NeHII has been really useful in regards to verifying Dr. Hillyer's billing.  I really enjoy how I can sort by a date of service and it lists all of his patients for that day.  I go in and verify their diagnosis codes to make sure I am billing correctly as to what is on our superbill.  NeHII is less time consuming on my end versus the other EMRs I have worked with."

Kristin Hofts, Billing Coordinator - Heartland Medical Billing