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Pharmacist Testimonials


"Amber Pharmacy was the first retail pharmacy in Nebraska to join the Nebraska Health Information Intiative (NeHII ).  Amber Pharmacy has been at the forefront of providing prescription services for chronic conditions for almost 15 years.  As part of the NeHII network, we have enhanced the services provided to patients and healthcare providers and are able to deliver critical medications even sooner.  Operationally, NeHII has been vital to the delivery of safer and more efficient services."

Michael R. Agostino,  R, Ph
President, Amber Pharmacy

"Managed care clients are always looking for ways to control costs and improve the level of service they offer members.  Using NeHII allows access to member prescription information and enables us to perform a comprehensive Drug Utilization Review.  As a result, oftentimes we are able to eliminate unneeded medications, resulting in cost savings for members and managed care clients."

Terri Dill
Corporate Account Executive, Amber Pharmacy

"The Enrollment Department at Amber Pharmacy now has easy access to vital patient information.  The availability of the information allows us to minimize the number of phone calls and faxes to healthcare providers requesting patient information.  Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII) has reduced our administrative workload and increased data integrity."

Lana Starkey
Director Enrollment, Amber Pharmacy

"Elmwood Pharmacy utilizes NeHII in its day-to-day business.  NeHII has allowed us to increase our efficiency in billing equipment for Medicare recipients and/or private insurance.  NeHII has allowed us to identify physicians whose signatures were illegible, verify medical necessity via chart notes, and therefore reduce the number of days it takes to bill a claim."

"In the pharmacy, it has allowed us to verify lab values for patients taking Clozaril.  I foresee using it to confirm my suspicions of a potential drup abuser trying to procure illicit medicines by being able to see if they have visited multiple practitioners.  It is a great platform and possesses many uses, of which we have just begun to scratch the surface.  NeHII gives me great peace of mind when gathering and documenting information for Medicare billing."

Jeff Kilborn
Owner/Operator, Elmwood Pharmacy

"NeHII has been most useful in expediting our DME billing.  Insurance companies are requiring chart notes to support the need for the patient's medical equipment.  In the past we would fax the medical record department for this information and then wait 2-3 weeks to get them.  Now we can access NeHII and have them within 2-3 days.  This enables us to bill sooner and has made our whole process more efficient."

Laura Kilborn
Manager of the Durable Medical Equipment, Elmwood Pharmacy

"Using NeHII has improved our billing turnaround time immensely.  Not having to wait for medical records means quicker billing and quicker payments."

Connie Buss
Elmwood Pharmacy

"Using NeHII, we are able to see patient medications, doses and method of administration so as to counsel patients.  NeHII provides us the ability to enter immunizations we administer at the pharmacy.  We have also begun a new process to update patient allergy information and enter this into NeHII.  We can indicate the type of allergic reaction i.e. diarrhea, rash, difficulty breathing, etc. and have a permanent record of this information and viewable by other NeHII users taking care of the patient."

"NeHII is user friendly.  It has been a fast valuable tool helping us to take excellent care of our customers."

Karen Neubauer
Pharmacy Administrator, Kubat Pharmacy

"NeHII is especially important for independent pharmacy/HME business owners.  NeHII has eliminated the excesive time my staff spent tracking down vital information/documentation via phone calls, faxes, etc.  Issues we had previously with illegible provider signatures is made simple as NeHII enables us to determine, based on documentation, the name of the provider with the click of the mouse.  Using NeHII as a resource has enabled us and other pharmacies to increase and grow business through improved turn around via instant access to data we need to care for our customers."

Matt Kubat,  R, Ph.
President/Pharmacist In Charge, Kubat Pharmacy