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Omaha, NE – Physicians Laboratory recently joined hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the state of Nebraska and western Iowa as a member of Nebraska’s state designated health information exchange known as Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII).


“Physicians Laboratory is excited to offer our clients the opportunity to send their patient’s laboratory results into NeHII’s system.  This service will provide a cost effective method for physicians to incorporate their patient data into an extensive regional information exchange system resulting in improved continuity of care through various health systems” said Robert Bowen, M.D., President, Physicians Laboratory.


NeHII, using health data from its’ participating members, provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s medical history. NeHII’s system allows the information to be available in emergencies or in the event that a Physicians Laboratory patient receives care from a doctor or hospital in another part of the state.


“It is with great enthusiasm we welcome the Physicians Laboratory provider community to NeHII.  Their participation reflects their commitment to improvement in patient care coordination and facilitating safer and more efficient exchange of patient information between providers" said Deb Bass, Chief Executive Officer of NeHII.


Patient participation in NeHII is optional.  While Physicians Laboratory and NeHII would like everyone to recognize the benefits of participation, a patient can choose not to share their medical information and may opt-out of the exchange simply by contacting NeHII.


“Physicians Laboratory clients are not required to send their patient results to NeHII.  Those facilities that are interested in utilizing this service should contact NeHII to initiate the interface connection for patient results” said Bowen.




NeHII Contact:


Deb Bass, Chief Executive Officer, NeHII, Inc., 402.981.7664, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.