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The Direct Project

What is the Direct Project?

  • Direct enables a healthcare provider to electronically and securely push specific health information, such as discharge summaries, clinical summaries from PCP and specialists, lab results to ordering providers, or referrals over the internet to another healthcare provider(s) who is a known and trusted recipient.

Why is Direct Important?

  • Direct supports simple scenarios of pushing data from where it is to where it is needed, in a way that will support more sophisticated interoperability in the future.
  • Direct offers an entry level of data exchange needs to smaller organizations, such as rural providers, local independent labs, and VA hospitals.
  • Direct will support the ability of participants to meet key Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements  by providing an approved transport mechanism for (1) electronically sending Transitions of Care summary care records and (2) providing patients with the ability to view, download and transmit their visit information.   

Direct Benefits:

  • Direct allows for the transmission of health information in a uni-directional flow using a secure, standard, scalable encrypted format and ensures that the information goes to the correct provider, organization or patient.
  • Direct augments previous inadequate, outdated and more expensive forms of sharing information such as fax or delivery of paper charts.
  • Direct participants may send health data to any other individual or organization that is also a Direct participant outside of a formal RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization), HIE (Health Information Exchange) or other private network.
  • Direct Addresses are available from HISPs (Health Information Service Providers), and are verifiable and "unspoofable".
  • Direct is an initiative created by the ONC, well supported and Internet friendly.

Direct is NOT:

  • Direct is NOT a means of sending health data to unknown individuals, or to anyone with a generic email address.
  • Direct does not replace health information exchange services; it complements these services.
  • Direct does not allow a user to send a query across multiple systems to seek health information.

NeHII’s Objectives with Direct:

  • NeHII has implemented a solution to deliver Direct services and will provide Health Information Services Provider (HISP) services in Nebraska..
  • NeHII’s potential use cases for Direct include:
    • Physician referrals between NeHII participants and the VA Hospital
    • Physician referrals between NeHII participants and non-NeHII participants
    • Patient information sharing of 42CFR Part 2 ePHI between eBHIN provider and NeHII provider
    • Patient information sharing between provider and patient via personal health record providers such as Microsoft HealthVault and NoMoreClipboard
    • Patient information sharing across state lines
    • Independent labs to send lab results to providers or entities
    • Any fax or mail transmission of PHI
    • Cost - $15 per month per email address
    • Please contact NeHII Support at 866.978.1799or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.