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Hospital Implementation Testimonials


"I just wanted to comment how smooth the processes have been on getting NeHII up and going for our facility.  I have don a number of installations and interfaces and this has been the smoothest one yet.  Your staff is very knowledgeable of what is needed, communication has been unbelievable, and we have always known where we are on this project.  I am very impressed and would recommend untilizing NeHII and their staff for future installations if possible."

Jennifer Brockhaus
Chief Information Officer - Sidney Regional Medical Center
Sidney, NE

"Implementing NeHII was the easiest software/application that I have done.  They gabe me a timeline of 8 weeks and I was ver skeptical.  There were 3 interfaces that had to be tested.  In my experience, if you have that many interfaces you could be testing for weeks to months before everything looks the way it needs to on both sides.  This was not the case.  With the help of the one interface staff member from my hospital, a staff member from our lab and an interface staff from Axolotl, we had the interfaces up and tested within 2 weeks WITHOUT ANY ISSUES!"

"I have 6 other applications that I support so I didn't have the luxury to put all my time toward the NeHII project, but I didn't need to.  We did not test every day for 8 hours, it was maybe an hour 1-2 days a week depending on what we were working on.  The great thing was Axolotl took all of the information we sent and mapped it accordingly to what NeHII needed."

"From a project management perspective, I really didn't have to do much.  NeHII had the project and test plans and we followed them and we were up and going in 7 weeks from the kick off of the project."

"The staff at NeHII told me it would be that easy and it was!"

Billie Fear, RN
Clinical Application Coordinator - Great Plains Regional Medical Center
North Platte, NE